Results-oriented with a 'can-do' attitude

In today’s professional world, people can choose to pursue a ‘freelance career’, without having the feeling of being left out.

That means you can choose what your priorities are, without the limitations of many corporate HR guidelines.
For example, some people choose to focus on revenue optimization during a certain period of their lives and then
travel around the world for a year.

Others want to find a good balance between work and private live on an ongoing basis.

Some people want to focus on personal development and invest a significant portion of their time and revenue in training and development.

In fact, people that work through Maerten & Partners are individuals with their own priorities and preferences, but with common characteristics that are:

  • Able to work independently, but also as an excellent team player
  • Results-oriented with a can-do attitude towards the client
  • Stress-resistant and fun to work with


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