Making society a little more social

Making society a little more social

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At M&P, we love initiatives that make the world a better place. When we heard about Toolbox, we didn’t need much time to present them to our extensive network of freelancers. The similarities between our own company and this non-profit organisation that helps social-sector associations by bringing in experts on a voluntary basis are striking: we both bring the right expertise together at the right time to unlock the full potential of companies around the country. However, ToolBox does so purely and exclusively for non-profit enterprises dedicated to making the world a better place. An initiative which, we believe, deserves more than just our congratulations but also our active support. Because when you help those who in turn help some of the most vulnerable members of our society, you don’t just help make our society more social. You also help make it stronger, richer, more productive and more prosperous.


What is ToolBox asbl/vzw?

Originally founded in 2003, this not-for-profit consultancy now has more than 180 pro bono experts on its books, representing a wide portfolio of disciplines and professional backgrounds. Those experts, in turn, place their specific expertise at the disposal of more than 70 small to midsize organisations, all dedicated to offering much-needed care, assistance, shelter, training and/or support for those members of our society who need it most: from the elderly to the unemployed, immigrants, youth and people struggling with a disability or chronic illness. 


Organisations supported by ToolBox

  • Amnesty International
  • Onafhankelijk leven vzw
  • Belgian federation of food banks
  • Flemish Autism Association
  • And many more


A common outlook

Co-creation, learning, growth, cooperation, … a few keywords that could just as well describe our own mission here at M&P as that of ToolBox. But in addition to a common way of working, we also believe our two organisations share a common and deep-seated desire to work towards a better world, with an acknowledgement of equality. This idea is shared by the many highly talented and experienced project and interim managers who work for M&P in a broad range of sectors and markets. 

“We were grateful for the input of ToolBox’s volunteers: a fresh and professional look at our internal organisation, the impulse we needed to get the project up and running and the support to tackle the process together with our directors and stakeholders.” – Flemish Autism Association


Continuous connection and learning

Put experts from multiple disciplines together in a room, all of whom have a strong drive to make a difference, and the results can be breathtaking! Which is why ToolBox creates multiple opportunities for its members to share their knowledge and hone their skills, both personally and professionally. Through a series of workshops, presentations and other events, the ToolBox Academy helps volunteers develop an acute understanding of the non-profit sector as well as a common language that is essential for effective cooperation. 


A rewarding opportunity

ToolBox does more than just support non-profit organisations. They also provide a stimulating space for personal and professional development along with intense training in methodologies and tools that have been developed over many years by the community. While working pro bono, project and interim managers acquire and enrich their capacities for active listening, empathy and suspension of judgement; key elements of a highly potent and effective approach to coaching. Which in turn, can unlock new avenues for personal and professional growth.  

“Translating your professional experience into a new context and sharing it with a non-profit organisation is a very rewarding process. The project with Solvay Brussels School [of Economics and Management] went extremely well.” – Simon de Bergeyck, voor HUJO vzw


Priceless experience 

By volunteering (some of) their time for ToolBox’s not-for-profit clients, project and interim managers not only get to apply their expertise in new and challenging ways. Most importantly, they get to go home at night in the knowledge that they have contributed to improving the lives of others. And that is something that cannot be measured in euros and cents. 


Interested in enriching the ToolBox community? Want to apply your talents in order to make a real difference?  

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Stay awesome, stay curious,

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