There is such a thing as a free lunch

There is such a thing as a free lunch

The right talent at the right time, sourced for you free of charge

Finding the right profile(s) with the right expertise and experience for your project is hard enough. Finding ones who are available at (and for) the right time is even harder. And while many companies simply don’t have the time or resources themselves to separate the wheat from the chaff, clients of Maerten & Partners get to sharpen their competitive edge at both ends of the stick: by sourcing the ideal interim and project managers for their needs without paying a cent for the trouble.

Time = money

You may not know it, but the overwhelming majority of projects are never completed (on time) simply due to a lack of (dedicated) in-house resources. Having the right people for your project or temporary position can quickly get you back on track. However, the time you save can often be consumed by the task of finding that talent to begin with. Which is why more and more companies are calling on Maerten & Partners’ unique approach: guaranteeing the right combination of skills to boost your efficiency… without charging a cent for the process of actually recruiting them.


Because at Maerten & Partners, what you see is what you get, and what you get is what you pay! No service charges or search fees, in other words. Just a transparent, fixed fee per day for the work delivered by our highly qualified, skilled and experienced interim and project managers. We throw in both the pre-screening* and active follow-up free of charge and, moreover, apply margins that are up to 50% lower than traditional interim management bureaus. That means a lot of time, stress and money saved in the search for real talent.

Long-term matchmakers

So how do we find those needles in the haystack? Our success – which means your success – has a lot to do with our commitment to building long-term relationships. Not just with our clients but to exactly the same degree with our interim and project managers. We are passionate about finding the perfect match for both elements in the equation. And we’re not afraid to say “no” if we’re not convinced it will work out. Which is why we put a lot of time and energy into screening* our candidates. And why we do so free of charge. Because we know the investment will pay dividends over the long term for all parties concerned. It’s also why we focus on the soft as well as the hard skills and experience of our recruits. And why we take a close look at the culture within our client organisations. To ensure an environment in which those skills can truly flourish. Because when the chemistry is there, the results can be impressive. And we love watching the sparks fly!

Every day, Maerten & Partners deploys around 50 interim and project managers at top companies in Belgium. Interested in counting yourself among them? Contact us today for an obligation-free talk about securing the success of your business.

* At Maerten & Partners, screening does not just mean interviewing. We consult our network on past collaboration experiences with the candidate interim or project manager. We do not waste our time checking references that the candidate provided him/herself. Instead, we will only propose those candidates that we feel confident about, on a hard skills, soft skills and personality level!

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