Try & Hire: For a match made in heaven

Try & Hire: For a match made in heaven

People usually don’t propose on the first date, right? So why should employees or employers make long-term commitments merely on the basis of a few interviews? At Maerten & Partners neither of them has to! Both sides get to try before they (get) hire(d)! 


It’s not uncommon for interim or project managers to be offered a permanent position after being assigned to a temporary project. But while many interim management agencies block the practice, Maerten & Partners not only welcomes it but also thinks along with the client and the interim manager, with a long-term relationship in mind. Introducing Try & Hire: the ground-breaking new concept where, as the name suggests, employers and employees can try each other out for a project before committing to a long-term relationship and a permanent contract. At the end of the trial period, they can either decide to tie the knot or go their separate ways.


But don’t “free”lancers have a fear of commitment?

It’s a common misconception: freelancers hate being tied down and love being their own boss. And of course, being free and flexible does have its advantages. But what we’ve noticed at Maerten & Partners is that many freelance interim and project managers are very much open to the idea of a permanent position. As long as the job, the company and the culture offer an interesting challenge and are a good fit.


A new weapon in the war for talent

Finding qualified and quality candidates for permanent positions is tough at the best of times. And when employers and temporary project managers do actually hit it off, most interim management agencies try and nip it in the bud. At Maerten & Partners, however, we consider it a logical need where we can add value and make a difference. And as long-term partners, we are here to aid - not block the transition. In fact, around 10% of our project managers end up signing permanent contracts after fulfilling a temporary position!


Finding the perfect match

As long-term partners, we know exactly the kind of candidate our clients need and the kind of company that will steer our interim and project managers’ careers in the right direction. Compared with conventional headhunting and recruitment tracks, which are typically long and cumbersome, Maerten & Partners can often find candidates in a matter of weeks or even days. And we do thorough background checks to narrow down the shortlist. But the best thing about Try & Hire is that you get to see how things go on the actual work floor and not just in the interview room. Employers get to see how well new recruits fit the description and employees get to experience their colleagues, work environment and company culture first hand.


With commitment comes responsibility

The real beauty of Try & Hire is that it instills both employers and employees with a greater sense of responsibility. The project manager knows they have to perform at their best if they are to secure a permanent position. But the same goes for employers, who are forced to create the right environment where their people can apply, explore and develop their skills to the full.


The bottom line?

With Try & Hire, both employers and employees are able to find each other faster, make better and more informed decisions about their futures and retain the flexibility to call it all off after one project if it doesn’t work out. And best of all, from the point of view of the employer, the cost of hiring someone through Try & Hire at Maerten & Partner is about the same as hiring someone directly. Only with a much higher rate of success!


Interested in trying before you (get) hire(d)? Contact Maerten & Partners today to find out how we can help you test the waters before taking the ultimate plunge.

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